1. Watching France vs Honduras play at the World Cup= perfect time to wind a skein of wool into a ball.


  2. This one languished in the basket for months, but now it’s finished. Cosy and warm.

    Pattern: Orlane’s Textured Shawl

    Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton


  3. I like knitting socks. It’s not quick with such fine yarn, but the process is very satisfying. This is a toe-up pattern I invented as I went along, but I haven’t quite found a heel technique I like best yet. I think short row heels look more professional, although I hear gusset heels are more comfortable. Time to make another pair, and another, until I figure it out.

    Pattern: My own
    Yarn: Some old Regia merino from the stash, with Malabrigo Sock for the toes.


  4. How lovely to knit in the Finnish sunshine.

    (Yes, I’m still working on Orlane’s textured shawl. It’s slow going as the shawl gets bigger. The yarn is Rowan Wool Cotton)


  5. (Source: allpaca, via knitmodern)


  6. Circular needles: A love story

    I recently got rid of all my knitting needles, except for the circular ones.

    I can’t remember the last time I knit something on regular needles. Or worse, on double-pointed needles (horrors). 

    Circular needles are comfortable to hold and to knit with. They fold up nicely in your lap or in your bag. The stitches seem less likely to fall off the needles. 

    If you use the magic loop method, you’ll never have to fiddle with DPNs again, which is the real magic.

    (Photo via Fiber Flux…post has a nice pic-heavy tutorial for joining the round too)


  7. The best part about finishing one knitting project is starting another. This is Orlane’s Textured Shawl Recipe in a lovely soft Rowan Wool Cotton. 


  8. At last, a finished project! This is Alfonso the elephant, knit for baby Juliet. 

    (The pattern is this one.)


  9. I’ve gotten very into sourdough bread baking lately, thanks to a great course at the wonderful E5 Bakehouse in London. Now I’ve got sourdough mothers living happily in my fridge and I’ll never have to buy a loaf of bread again. This is the life!


  10. Turn a heel

    (Loosely based on this pattern, though I cast on more stitches)